Phoenix Conveyor Belts

Phoenix is the German-based world leader in conveyor belt technology, with over 100 years experience and numerous world records. The Phoenix line of conveyor belts have been tested and proven to provide the highest level of product performance in conveying applications worldwide.

  • Highest quality premium belt in North America
  • Holds many world records including: the fastest, strongest, and heaviest conveyor belt
  • Long working life and low maintenance
  • High breaking strength and high capacity
  • DIN Y, Grade X, Y, W-Plus, MVF, WVF, Magma, Magma Super, Magma Plus, Grade V, Magma Extra, MOR, MSHA-K, Grade G
  • Highly wear resistant, extremely abrasion resistant and dirt repellant, heat resistant, oil-grease and flame resistant, flame retardant and energy optimized
  • Steel-cord and textile carcass constructions, as well as specialty belts and protective systems
  • Strategic inventory locations

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